Yonkers Public Bath #3, Yonkers, NY

I came across this building one day and could not resist photographing it.  According to this website, it was built in 1909 and is an example of a Second Renaissance Revival style municipal building.  The same website has a lot of information about the public bath movement in America.

More information:  Website

Location:  Google Maps (40.935369, -73.889152)

Glenwood Power Plant, Yonkers, NY

The Glenwood Power Plant (also known as the Yonkers Power Plant) was constructed circa 1904-06 and shut down circa 1963.  It sits next to the Glenwood railroad station.  The plant had sat abandoned for quite some time when I went to photograph it.  To my pleasant surprise on the day of my visit, we saw work being done to renovate/reuse the building!  I am unsure of its current status.

More information:  Goran Group (real estate developer)

Location: Google Maps


Boyce Thompson Institute, Yonkers, NY

The Boyce Thompson Institute was established by William Boyce Thompson with the goal of being able to improve world food supply through plant research. The Institute in Yonkers was constructed in 1924 but was moved from the Yonkers campus in the 1970s. The building was used for other operations until 1999. The property has been vacant ever since, although there is the possibility that it will be redeveloped.

Link:  Wikipedia
Map:  Location on Google Maps