Denning’s Point Ruins, Beacon, NY

These are photos of some ruins and a very abandoned brick factory building on Dennings Point in Beacon, NY.  The ruins that I found may be associated with the Denning family mansion, which was in ruins by the 1920s.  The Denning’s Point Brick Works was founded and operated on the property from 1881 to 1939.  Denning’s Point was also used by swimmers in the 1920s and 1930s and became known as the “Coney Island of Dutchess County.”  From 1947 to 1954 the site was operated by a manufacturer of construction panels called Durisol.  From 1954 and for 34 years thereafter, the The Noesting Pin Ticket Company operated on the site creating wire products.  In 1988 the property was purchased by New York State and became Denning’s Point State Park.  In 2006 the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries began renovation of one of the existing buildings to become the new home of the institute.

More information:  Denning’s Point History

Location:  Brick factory buildings- Google Maps (41.490538, -73.983473)

Tioranda Estate, Beacon, NY

According to this website, the Craig House was built for the Civil War officer General Joseph Howland in 1859, and called Tioranda, and was turned into America’s first privately licensed psychiatric hospital in 1915.  It was closed in 1999.

According to this website, the Tioranda School was built in 1865 by designed by Frederick Clarke Withers, a famous gothic architect.  The building operated as a school, a chapel, and event a medical treatment space during the Great Flu Epidemic of 1918.

I don’t know anything about the house I found on the property and also photographed here, but I presume it is related to the estate.


Reformed Church of Beacon, Beacon, NY

The Reformed Church of Beacon was formerly known as the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church. The church was built in 1813 and rebuilt in 1860. The cemetery for the church is located just east of the Beacon train station (next to on-street parking, up a short, steep climb) and has been completely abandoned. The most recent stone I found was from the 1920s.

After posting these photos, I was contacted by someone whose relative’s gravestone I had photographed.  I am glad that my photos did some good – because since she is not in the area, she had never seen his headstone before!

Map: Location on Bing Maps

Dennings Point Brick Building, Beacon, NY

The Dennings Point Brick Works formerly operated on this property on Dennings Point, in Beacon, NY.  The building photographed here is the last remaining manufacturing building from the brick works.  The area is now being used by the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries.

Map: Location on Bing Maps Bird’s Eye view
Link:  Dennings Point Brick Works