Wyndclyffe Mansion, Rhinebeck, NY

According to the Hudson Valley Ruins website, this former mansion in Rhinebeck, NY, the mansion was “built in 1853 for Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones, a relative by marriage to the wealthy Astor Family… A later owner was Andrew Finck, New York City beer baron and a cooper by trade, and associate of brewer Jacob Rupert, of nearby Linwood. Wyndclyffe, then known as Linden Hall or Finck Castle, supposedly had an underground tap line from the mansion to the tennis courts.  The house was a private residence until 1936, and was finally abandoned for good sometime after 1950. Wyndclyffe remained remarkably [sic] intact through the 1980s, but decay worsened as abandonment neared the end of a half-century.”

These photographs are from 2015.

More Information:  Hudson Valley Ruins (including photos over time from 1999 to 2010)

Location: Google Maps (41.8869454, -73.9360088)