Williams Lumber, Salt Point, NY

These are photos of the Williams Lumber properties at 58 and 47 Cottage Street, Hamlet of Salt Point, Town of Pleasant Valley, NY.

Based on review of several sources, including documents obtained and summarized by Dieter Friedrichsen, a former Pleasant Valley Town employee, the 58 Cottage Street property has been an integral part of the history of the Salt Point area.  In the 1700s and 1800s, the area contained a mill due to the location of a waterfall on the Wappingers Creek.  The mill was located in the current basement of Building 1.  Grains were brought to the mill to be ground.  A wagon shop at one point also existed on the property.  At this time the property was an island surrounded by a split in the Wappingers Creek.

In 1871, a railroad was created along the eastern side of the property at 58 Cottage Street and was used for transportation of materials.  Also photographed are abutments from the railroad bridge that used to cross the Wappingers Creek north of 58 Cottage Street.  Around 1910, the property was a coal yard and may have also sold lumber and feed.  Several sheds were located on the property at various times.  The use of this property as a coal and lumber yard and a feed store continued.  In at least the 1960s, the property sold fuel oil.  The site became Williams Lumber during the mid 1970s.  As of 2010, the site was Williams Lumber & Home Centers.

The history of the property at 47 Cottage Street is unknown.  According to topographic maps, the property seems undeveloped until the 1960s.  Two barns (buildings #7 & #8) in poor condition occupied the property.

Locations:  58 Cottage Street (41.806323, -73.793879), 47 Cottage Street (41.805580, -73.794085)