Old Farm, Saugerties, NY

This farm property is located on Route 32 in Saugerties, NY.

At the time of these photos (2011), four structures occupied the property:  A garage, a barn, a block garage, and a shed.  The garage was being used for storage of household items.  The block garage was being used for storage of tools and equipment typical of a household workshop.  The barn was mostly empty and deteriorated.  The shed was also mostly empty.  A house was also associated with the farm property.

A stand of evergreen trees was located in the southeast corner of the property that may have been operated as an area for growing Christmas trees at one time.

According to a Phase I Cultural Research Investigation dated September 2003 and locals, the property was part of an old farm homestead.  Several lots were subdivided from the main property over time.  The house that is the main structure of the homestead (located on the lot adjacent to this property), was built between 1875 and 1891.  Prior to that time, the subject property was vacant.

Location:  Google Maps (42.034752, -73.954876)

Abandoned Residences, Musillo Lane, Saugerties, NY

These residences/cottages were constructed in the 1940s and 1950s.  The property was originally owned by the Musillo family, which is the name of the road now.  A few more buildings were originally on this property (as evidenced by the old sketch of the property).  These properties were photographed in 2010; by 2012, they were completely demolished.

Map: Location on Google Maps