Old Farm, Saugerties, NY

This farm property is located on Route 32 in Saugerties, NY.

At the time of these photos (2011), four structures occupied the property:  A garage, a barn, a block garage, and a shed.  The garage was being used for storage of household items.  The block garage was being used for storage of tools and equipment typical of a household workshop.  The barn was mostly empty and deteriorated.  The shed was also mostly empty.  A house was also associated with the farm property.

A stand of evergreen trees was located in the southeast corner of the property that may have been operated as an area for growing Christmas trees at one time.

According to a Phase I Cultural Research Investigation dated September 2003 and locals, the property was part of an old farm homestead.  Several lots were subdivided from the main property over time.  The house that is the main structure of the homestead (located on the lot adjacent to this property), was built between 1875 and 1891.  Prior to that time, the subject property was vacant.

Location:  Google Maps (42.034752, -73.954876)

Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory, Poughkeepsie, NY

The Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory building is located on North Cherry Street just north of Main Street in Poughkeepsie, NY.  The building was built in 1874 and contained several operations throughout its existence.  Below is some history, taken from a Poughkeepsie Journal article:

The building was originally occupied by William S. Patten’s Poughkeepsie Live Oak Leather Manufactory.  Afterwards, it was transformed several times to accommodate a cooperage, a paper mill, and the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory.

In 1887, when the factory was used by the Dutchess Manufacturing Co., the structure was expanded to almost double in size.

A barrel-manufacturing operation named William Paulding’s Cooperage moved into the building in 1895 and remained there until 1902.

In 1902, the building became the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory.  This business operated until the 1920s.  After, a paper mill briefly occupied the building.

“The building boasts one of the earliest elevators to exist and it is still intact,” said Elizabeth Celaya, director of organizational development for Hudson River Housing Inc., which acquired the structure in May 2012.

Since these photos were taken, the building has been renovated as mixed-use space with two thirds consisting of apartments and one third planned as a commercial community hub, which was opened in 2017.

More information:  Poughkeepsie Journal article, Underwear Factory website

Location:  Google Maps (41.701587, -73.917948)

Strawberry Hill, Rhinebeck, NY

Strawbery Hill is located on Ackert Hook Road in Rhinebeck, NY.  It is also known as the Henry Beekman house.  The house is on the National Register of Historic Places as site #90NR00355.  Based on information in a building inventory form found on the Cultural Resource Inventory System, the site is a farmstead consisting of an 18th century German stone farmhouse, a large Dutch-type barn complex, a well/wellhouse, privy, and two sheds.  Local tradition states the property was developed by Henry Beekman in 1762, but he may not have ever lived in the house.

More information:  Nomination form

Location:  Bing Maps (41.882778, -73.883889)

Sleightsburgh Spit Barge Graveyard, Port Ewen, NY

Sleightsburgh Spit is located in Port Ewen, NY.  It “has been built up over the years on the remains of a 19th century barge graveyard. Wooden canal boats and barges built for the Delaware & Hudson Canal and Hudson River shipping were abandoned near the mouth of Rondout Creek when they had outlived their usefulness.”  The features of the site are best seen at low tide.

More information: Website

Location:  Google Maps (41.920586, -73.972866)

Abandoned Barn, Pine Plains, NY

This is an abandoned barn at the intersection of Schultz Hill Road and Route 199 in Pine Plains, NY.  It may have been a blacksmith shop at some point, based on some historical research.  Not photographed is the fact that there is some machinery under ground in the basement that appears to have been powered by the stream through a raceway.

Location:  Google Maps (41.978771, -73.615832)