City Hall Subway Station, New York, NY

The City Hall Subway Station, located on the 6 line in NYC, was the original southern terminal of the Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT) subway system and was opened in 1904 along with the other first stations of the IRT. The station is located in front of city hall at a loop. The station had to curve because there was an existing underground basement that it needed to avoid. However, because the station is curved and does not have a straight portion, there is a large space between the cars with a centrally-positioned door and the platform, and the train screeches through the station very loudly. Those factors, plus the fact that the nearby station (Brooklyn Bridge) became a stop for the express train while the City Hall station was only on the local line, lead to the demise of the station. The station was put out of use in 1945. The tracks are still used by the six train as it changes from the southbound train to the northbound train, but the station itself is closed and only accessible (legally) through occasional tours. Much more information can be found online, so read up if you are interested.