Denning’s Point Ruins, Beacon, NY

These are photos of some ruins and a very abandoned brick factory building on Dennings Point in Beacon, NY.  The ruins that I found may be associated with the Denning family mansion, which was in ruins by the 1920s.  The Denning’s Point Brick Works was founded and operated on the property from 1881 to 1939.  Denning’s Point was also used by swimmers in the 1920s and 1930s and became known as the “Coney Island of Dutchess County.”  From 1947 to 1954 the site was operated by a manufacturer of construction panels called Durisol.  From 1954 and for 34 years thereafter, the The Noesting Pin Ticket Company operated on the site creating wire products.  In 1988 the property was purchased by New York State and became Denning’s Point State Park.  In 2006 the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries began renovation of one of the existing buildings to become the new home of the institute.

More information:  Denning’s Point History

Location:  Brick factory buildings- Google Maps (41.490538, -73.983473)

Sleightsburgh Spit Barge Graveyard, Port Ewen, NY

Sleightsburgh Spit is located in Port Ewen, NY.  It “has been built up over the years on the remains of a 19th century barge graveyard. Wooden canal boats and barges built for the Delaware & Hudson Canal and Hudson River shipping were abandoned near the mouth of Rondout Creek when they had outlived their usefulness.”  The features of the site are best seen at low tide.

More information: Website

Location:  Google Maps (41.920586, -73.972866)

Catskill Mountain House, Catskills, NY

The Catskill Mountain House was a hotel located in the Catskill Mountains of New York from 1824 to 1963. A downfall of the hotel was that it was located a distance from any easy transportation port. Competition with other hotels forced it to finally close in 1941. After being left vacant for decades, New York State purchased the property and burned down the remains in 1963.

The building is long gone, but the site still contains the spectacular views and also engraved names and dates that date back to the 1800s.

More information: Catskill Archive website