Interstate 189, Burlington, VT

These photos were taken of an abandoned segment of I-189 in Burlington, VT located west of Route 7.

History according to  In the early 1970s, an extension of I-189 (the Southern Connector) was proposed.  The discovery of contaminated soil around the Pine Street Barge Canal halted work on the expressway north of Pine Street.  The 0.5-mile portion that had already been constructed was left abandoned.

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Location:  Google Maps (44.447392, -73.216413)

Hogback Mountain Ski Area, Brattleboro, VT

Hogback Mountain is an abandoned ski area approximately 16 miles west of Brattleboro, Vermont, accessed by VT Route 9.

History from Hogback Mountain was a ski resort from 1946 to 1986.  Increasing insurance rates in combination with competition from nearby resorts led to the area closing in 1986.  The Hogback Mountain Conservation Association purchased the land in 2010 and transferred a conservation easement to the Town of Marlboro. The land is now open to the public.

These photos were taken along the Tower Trail along Hogback Mountain.

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Delancey Trolley Station, NYC

The Delancy Trolley Station is located in New York City alongside the tracks at the Delancey/Essex subway station.  This abandoned trolley station operated from 1904/1908 to 1948.  The tracks below are still embedded in the floor and there are wooden channels in the ceiling protecting the trolley wires from any contact with the steel structure.  This area is proposed to become “the Lowline.”

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