Rapallo and Lyman Viaducts, East Hampton and Colchester, CT

These are photos of the filled in railroad trestles of the Rapallo and Lyman Viaducts, part of the New Haven, Middletown and Willimantic Railroad’s line from New Haven to Willimantic, forming part of a more or less direct route between Boston and New York.  Here is some history of the two viaducts according to an informational sign along the trail:

The Rapallo Viaduct, located in East Hampton, was built in 1873 for two train tracks.  It was a 1,380 ft long bridge located 60 feet above Flat Brook but due to the increasing weight of freight trains, the viaduct was filled in underneath the tracks in 1913.

The Lyman Viaduct, located in Colchester, was also built in 1873 as a 1,108 foot long bridge located 137 feet over Dickinson’s Creek.  Due to the increasing weight of freight trains, the viaduct was filled in underneath the tracks in 1912-13.


Yosemite Valley Railroad, Mariposa County, CA

These are photos of the old Yosemite Valley Railroad rail bed located along the Merced River, paralleling Route 140, and some of the old houses in the area.  The historic photo is from a kiosk near where the present-day photos were taken.

According to the website below, “Grading of the railroad began in September 1905 in Merced…While the original intent of the railroad had been to provide passenger service to the Park, the railroad was quick to encourage the growth of freight traffic…Passenger business on the railroad peaked in the mid-twenties, dropping thereafter due to the increased use of private automobiles to go to Yosemite…”

More information: Yosemite Valley Railroad History

Location: Google Maps (37.605495, -119.967243)

Erie Canal Lock 18, Herkimer, NY

These are photos of Lock 18 along the Erie Canal.  According to the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) report for the site, the lock was built around 1909 and the powerhouse around 1915.  The lock is still operational.

Location: Google Maps (43.01620369, -74.917545182)

More information: Library of Congress website (Historic American Engineering Record)

Abandoned Rochester Industrial & Rapid Transit Railway (“Subway”), Rochester, NY

The Rochester Industrial & Rapid Transit Railway, also known as the Rochester Subway, was constructed 1922-24 out of the old Erie Canal right-of-way in downtown Rochester.  The subway opened in 1927 and stayed open until 1956.  Portions of the tunnels have been filled in, but these photos are from along South Avenue, just south of Court Street.

More information: http://www.rochestersubway.com/rochester_subway_history.php

Location: Google Maps (43.153165, -77.607818)

Interstate 189, Burlington, VT

These photos were taken of an abandoned segment of I-189 in Burlington, VT located west of Route 7.

History according to http://www.aaroads.com/guide.php?page=i0189vt:  In the early 1970s, an extension of I-189 (the Southern Connector) was proposed.  The discovery of contaminated soil around the Pine Street Barge Canal halted work on the expressway north of Pine Street.  The 0.5-mile portion that had already been constructed was left abandoned.

More information:  Website

Location:  Google Maps (44.447392, -73.216413)